Is Kratom Legal In Arkansas? Can You Buy or Use Kratom in Arkansas?

is kratom legal in arkansas

Kratom legality is the question everyone is looking for and the Arkansas Kratom lovers are searching for Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas.

Kratom is not legal in all areas of the United States. This has left a lot of users wondering is kratom legal in Arkansas? At this time, you cannot buy kratom in this state. Hopefully, laws will change in the future, but right now you would face criminal charges if caught with kratom in Arkansas.

Arkansas Legal Battle With Kratom

While kratom is plant that originates from Southeast Asia, it has a lot of legal issues that surround it. There are only a handful of states that have taken the necessary steps to banned kratom in their area. Since kratom is not federally regulated, each state has the right to make kratom legal or ban it.

So, Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas? Arkansas banned kratom in 2015. This was when lawmakers started looking into kratom. However, the issue with this industry is that it lacks scientific research. This alone has caused kratom to become banned in other states.

Kratom was added to the Controlled Substance Act of Arkansas as a Schedule I Substance back in 2016. This placed kratom beside heroin, LSD, and other dangerous drugs. Kratom is not mentioned in the scheduling, only the active alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Since the listing does not mention kratom this has left a lot of users curious if kratom is legal in Arkansas. Rest assure, kratom is banned. You cannot have kratom without the main alkaloids which are mentioned in the scheduling.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Arkansas?

You will not be able to go to any local shops and find kratom. Nor will you be able to purchase kratom online and have it shipped to your home in Arkansas. All online vendors will comply with state laws. They will not ship to areas where it has been banned.

The answer to the question is kratom legal in Arkansas is No, If you are caught with kratom in Arkansas you could be fined up to $15,000 and risk 20 years in prison. As you can see, the consequences that go along with kratom will not be worth the risk in Arkansas.

The American Kratom Association

The AKA (American Kratom Association) is the main support system for kratom in the United States. They have taken the necessary steps to help regulate this industry. In doing so, they set up GMP regulations for vendors to comply with.

These regulations have helped improve the quality of kratom that is coming to market. Also, AKA-approved vendors will conduct lab testing on their products. This will prove the purity of their kratom as well as the quality.

If you are a patron that lives in Arkansas and wishes to purchase kratom; the best thing you can do is offer up your support. Get in touch with the AKA and see how you can help their mission. They will also be able to give you guidance on upcoming law changes that could cause kratom to become legal in your area. Your support is vital for the future of kratom.

The AKA is currently working with all states to try and get them to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will address a multitude of issues including age restrictions, fines, and proper labeling of kratom products.

There is hope for the future of kratom in Arkansas. It will take time and dedication but the AKA is optimistic that they will get all kratom bans lifted with the KCPA in place.

Simple Botanical

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