I. Age

Creation of an account and placing an order from simplebotanical.com requires you to be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Customers in Louisiana must be at least 19. If we suspect or have reason to believe that you are under the age requirement for your region, we will ban your account. Your shipment may require an adult signature in order to ensure there are no sales to minors.

II. Product Usage

Customers of Simple Botanical acknowledge that our products are for educational purposes only. In addition, our products are not to be consumed. Botanicals that we offer, such as kratom, have not been evaluated by the FDA. We make absolutely no medical claims. By placing an order for any of our products, you are agreeing that you will not be using products for any reason outside of educational reasons and that you are aware of the risks that may result from misuse of products sold on simplebotanical.com.

Products are not intended as a replacement for any controlled substance. Kratom is not to be confused with synthetically-ehanced potpourri or herbal incense. All products currently on our site contain no synthetic ingredients and are not meant to replace those that do.

III Returns

Absolutely no products offered in the Simple Botanical shop are eligible for return unless otherwise stated in the product description. By purchasing you agree to this policy and understand that any inquiries regarding returns on non-returnable will be declined.

IV. Local Laws

At this time we are unable to ship kratom to customers in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. We also cannot ship to customers in Jerseyville (Illinois), Oceanside (California), San Diego, Sarasota (Florida), and the District of Columbia. The list of regions ineligible for sales will be updated as local laws changed. You agree that if you are attempting to purchase kratom that you are doing so lawfully according to local legislature. If a shipment is seized because you unlawfully purchased kratom from us you are forfeiting any and all funds of the sale.

V. Media

Any media on this website is property of KGSN LLC. You may not use any images, videos, or other media for any purposes without permission and doing so may result in legal action. If you wish to be authorized to use any media from simplebotanical.com you must contact us using our support email.

VI. Liability Limitation

The employees & officers of KGSN LLC shall not be held liable for negative effects resulting from the misuse of our products.

VII. Future Revisions

Simple Botanical‘s Terms of Services & Conditions may be updated or revised at any time as seen fit. The customer is to review and agree to the terms each time they make a purchase.

VIII. Asset Transfer / Service Cessation

KGSN LLC may decide to transfer this website (simplebotanical.com) and its assets at any time. Sales may also be ceased, whether temporarily or permanently, without warning.

IX. Payments

Payments will be made out to (and show up on your bank statement as) KGSN LLC. They are securely processed with end-to-end encryption. All check payments made payable to KGSN LLC.

We may change pricing at any time. Pending orders will not be affected by price increases.

X. Refund Policy

While most of our products are not returnable, we offer a 30-day refund guarantee (from the day your tracking is marked as delivered) in the case that you are completely dissatisfied with your order and we are unable to come up with an alternative solution that satisfies you.If a refund is granted it may take up to one month to be reflected in your bank statement. Note that in most cases, you will need to return your opened/unopened product prior to receiving a refund. We will supply a return label with postage paid for you in these situations.

XI. Shipment

We will ship all orders placed before 2:00 PM CST on Monday through Friday. Orders placed after this time or on the weekend will be shipped the next business day. Please note that USPS does not ship federal holidays or Sundays.

All orders over $60 are eligible for free shipping.

Orders will be shipped through the United States Postal Service or UPS and will arrive within 3-10 days from the order date depending on shipping class. Orders are not considered missing until either one weeks of no movement on tracking or 48 hours after being marked as delivered.

Once the tracking number provided to you reflects that the order has been picked up by USPS/UPS,  all your tracking questions should be directed to the respective carrier as the package is no longer in our control.

XII. Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for keeping products purchased from our website out of the reach of children and individuals under 18. Additionally, the customer is responsible for any negative effects or consequences stemming from misuse of our products.

XIII. Wellbeing Agreement

By purchasing any product from our website the customer is agreeing that they are in a sound state of mind and capable of making their own decisions.

XIV. Indemnification

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless KGSN LLC and all other parties involved, including but not limited to their owners, officers, affiliates, associates and employees, for any and all damages resulting from the purchase or usage of products bought from simplebotanical.com. KGSN LLC and all of the aforementioned related parties shall not be liable under any circumstance or theory whatsoever.

XV. Information Provided

The customer certifies that all information provided is truly their own and is accurate. It is also agreed that information provided may be used as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

XVI. Warranty

There are no warranties offered on any products. Everything is offered “as is.”

XVII. Refusal of Service

Simple Botanical holds the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason, whether outlined in the Terms of Use or not.

XVIII. Product Information

Simple Botanical will never provide product information of any kind as far as usage of any of our products or any similar topics. All products are offered “as is.” We will never send links to third-party websites for product information or education, that is the responsibility of the customer. We may cease communications or block you from our website if you inquire about usage etc repeatedly.

XIX. Cancelled Checks / Chargebacks / Etc.

If a check is bounced/cancelled or money is charged back after your order is delivered you will be banned from using the service as this affects our company’s ability to use our bank to accept payments. You also may be subject to legal action for stealing product(s).

XX. Disclaimer of Liability

The purpose of this Terms of Use agreement is to remove any and all liability from KGSN LLC for events where harm or injury occurred as result from the purchase, use, or misuse of products purchased from simplebotanical.com.

XXII. Lost Orders

Unfortunately we do not control what happens to your package once it is handed off to the mail carrier. Although we will work with you if your order is lost to try and reach a solution, we are not responsible for lost orders and thus will not issue any refunds for orders lost in transit.