Is Kratom Legal in California? Can you Buy or Use Kratom in CA?

Is Kratom Legal in California

Kratom users from the state of California should learn about the law for kratom. We have made this is kratom legal in California? so that you could have a better understanding before you are planning to purchase, carry or use kratom in CA.

Is Kratom Legal in California in 2021?

Kratom is legal in most parts of the USA, excluding six states. The botanical is legal in California, excluding San Diego, due to local regulation. Kratom is illegal in two cities, viz., San Diego and Oceanside in the San Diego County. A population of 176,000 in Oceanside and 1.41 million people in San Diego cannot buy or sell  kratom.


Residents of Orange, Riverside, Imperial Counties, and Chula Vista in California would not be committing a crime if they buy kratom. The majority population of California, which is approximately 40 million, can buy the botanical product.

A few American states misrepresented kratom like a dangerous plant. Lawmakers in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin banned kratom because they considered it as a synthetic cannabinoid or a psychedelic plant. 

In California, San Diego’s Synthetic and Psychoactive Drug Laws go as following:

“The San Diego City Council approved an ordinance on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, that prohibits the

manufacturing, sale, distribution, and possession of spice, bath salts, kratom, and other synthetic and

psychoactive drugs.

Due to the threat, these substances pose to the health and welfare of the public these laws became

effective immediately.

With the enactment of these laws, the following are now prohibited in the city of San Diego:

San Diego Municipal Code section 52.3303 – Manufacture, Distribution, and Sale Prohibited. It is

unlawful to manufacture, sell, offer to sell, offer for sale, distribute, or possess for sale any Federal

Schedule I Drug, Novel Synthetic Drug, or Novel Psychoactive Drug.

San Diego Municipal Code section 52.3304 – Possession Prohibited. It is unlawful to possess any

Federal Schedule I Drug, Novel Synthetic Drug, or Novel Psychoactive Drug.

The Municipal Code also deems the manufacturing, sale, offering to sell, distribution, or possession for sale of a Federal Schedule I Drug, Novel Synthetic Drug, or Novel Psychoactive Drug to be a public nuisance.

Additionally, the ordinance, under section 52.3307, makes it unlawful for a property owner or other

responsible person, after receiving written notice by the City of a violation of the ordinance, to fail to

abate the public nuisance within 30 calendar days from the date of the notice.

However, kratom enthusiasts and advocates say the misrepresentation of kratom is due to badly sourced leaves, and spurious manufacturing units without any lab testing. For a superior source of kratom, they say it is best to get your kratom from reliable sellers, the ones with the American Kratom Association (AKA) seal of approval, known as (Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 


The safest way to get kratom in California is to buy it from dependable online vendors, who are listed with AKA. When you buy kratom from a reputed online seller, you get:

  • premium grade products
  • Certified GMP products
  • Lab-tested

In California, you can purchase Kratom from drug stores or flower shops. These are common choices, but with limited options. If you are looking for a wide range of kratom products that are laboratory-tested, the best place to buy is Simple Botanical, a reliable online store. 

So the answer to the question Is kratom Legal in California? Yes, It is legal in California. It is advisable to check the latest state and local laws in California before buying kratom. This will ensure you are not violating any law. 

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