Is Kratom Legal in Colorado? Can you Buy or Use it in CO?

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado

This is a very popular search in Colorado – Is kratom legal in Colorado? Or Kratom Legality in Colorado. It is important to know the legality before buying and carrying the kratom in Co.

Every state has laws for kratom and everyone needs to be aware of this. If you don’t know the laws about the states where kratom is illegal or banned you could be charged a high fine or jail.

Is kratom legal in Colorado in 2021?

In the USA, kratom’s legal status differs from state to state, and from city to city within states like Colorado. The legality to buy and own kratom depends on your location in Colorado. If you are a buyer looking for authentic kratom strains in Colorado, you can visit Simple Botanical for home delivery at affordable prices.

So the answer to the question Is kratom Legal in Colorado? Yes, It is legal in Colorado.

There are no federal or state laws that term kratom as illegal in Colorado, except in the towns of Monument and Parker. In Denver, you won’t be flouting the laws of the land if you possess or sell kratom with labels that say “Not meant for human consumption”. Also, all kratom products sold in Denver should contain NO advice on its use or dosage. The labels must list the potential health hazards associated with kratom. 

To understand the mixed laws on the legal status of kratom in Colorado, let’s go back a couple of years. In November 2017, the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment rolled out a directive, restricting the use of kratom for human consumption within the city. The press release, dated November 20, 2017, states:

“Denver Environmental Health (DEH), Public Health Inspections Division is restricting the sale or serving of kratom for human consumption in Denver. Kratom is an herbal drug made from the leaf of a tree grown in Southeast Asia.”… 

…DEH is requiring Denver retailers selling kratom for non-consumptive use to take the following measures:

  • A consumer advisory shall be affixed to each package of kratom product in large font and easily readable to all purchasers, stating: “This product is not intended for human consumption. Consuming kratom products may pose a risk, including death, to consumers and has addictive potential. Increased risk of injury or death may be posed by consuming alcohol and other drugs.”
  • Retailers may not provide consumers with guidance for dosage or consumption.

Its website says: “There are no FDA-approved uses for kratom and the FDA does not allow kratom to be imported into the U.S. as a consumable commodity.” 

In 2018, Castle Rock, a municipality within Denver’s metropolitan area, temporarily banned new businesses from selling kratom products within its municipal limits. This decision was termed ‘temporary’, because it was meant for 6 months to allow lawmakers some time to decide the fate of kratom in Castle Rock. 

In April 2019, Castle Rock organized an open house event to gather public opinion on how the town should regulate kratom. After a general consensus of the attendees, it was proposed to set the minimum age of 18 to be able to buy kratom. By June 2019, the town committee waved a green flag, announcing that the purchase of kratom is legal for people aged over 18 years. 

However, things changed in another town in Colorado in October 2019, when the town council of Parker banned kratom sales, making it the first place to declare kratom illegal in the state. The Parker Town Council cited FDA and Mayo Clinic references to support their decision. A month later, Monument town too followed suit, banning any retailing of kratom. 

Kratom enthusiasts have been creating a movement of sorts in Colorado as it grows popular in the US. The Castle Rock directive on setting a minimum age limit to use kratom legally should become a model for other cities in Colorado.

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Final Note –

The answer to the question- is kratom legal in Colorado? Yes, it is legal and we hope you are now well aware of the legality and the laws.

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