Is Kratom Legal in Florida? Can You Buy or Use Kratom in FL?

is kratom legal in florida

The status of kratom is controversial in the USA. Many have query is kratom legal in Florida? While nine states have banned kratom, it is legal in the rest of the US, including Florida. Except for Sarasota County, you can buy kratom within Florida from, an online store.

Florida too had tried to ban kratom. In 2017, lawmakers in Florida sought to ban kratom by trying to classify it as a controlled substance. The bill didn’t gather enough wind, and died down, leaving residents of the state the liberty to use the herb.

Is Kratom Legal in Florida in 2021?

Possession of Mitragyna Speciosa product in any form is allowed within Florida, except Sarasota County, which passed the ordinance bill in 2014. The bill made purchasing and selling kratom illegal in the county. The laws in Sarasota are stringent. Possessing kratom could land you in jail for about 2 months or make you pay a fine of $500. There were attempts to change the law in Sarasota County. Right after the ban, there was a petition with over 600 signatures of kratom supporters, but it was not enough to impact the legislators.

A similar attempt to declare kratom illegal happened in 2019 in Florida’s St Johns County, with a group lobbying for a ban. The issue was discussed with the St. Johns County Commissioners. Around 2 dozen kratom users shared their positive experience of the herb, and the lawmakers overturned the potential ban. Is Kratom Legal in Florida? Yes, Kratom is still legal here.

Which states have made kratom illegal?

Is Kratom Legal in Florida? Kratom is legal throughout most of the USA, except these states:

Alabama: In 2016, kratom’s primary alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine were classified as Schedule I drugs.

Arkansas: The state declared kratom illegal in February 2016. The following year, lawmakers likened kratom’s alkaloids to that of opium.
Indiana: In 2014, Indiana labelled kratom as a synthetic cannabinoid. The classification was later changed and kratom was listed as a hallucinogenic substance.

Rhode Island: Kratom got banned in 2017. Fearing public outcry, the ban happened behind closed doors. Rhode Island will vote to reverse the ban on September 1, 2021.

Vermont: It banned kratom in 2016. The herb’s alkaloids were named synthetic drugs. In January 2020, legislators tabled a bill to reverse the ban, but kratom’s future in Vermont is shaky and uncertain.

Wisconsin: The herb was declared illegal in 2014 by clubbing kratom with synthetic cannabinoids and hallucinogenic drugs. Lawmakers from Wisconsin had official discussions with the American Kratom Association to understand more about the herb.
Just like Florida, certain states have imposed local bans. These include California, Illinois, and New Hampshire.

Kratom enthusiasts might wonder if they can purchase the herb in those parts of Florida where it is legal and carry it to Sarasota. The answer is a strict NO. Anyone caught possessing kratom in this county will be termed a legal violator, and will have to face imprisonment or pay a hefty fine. To avoid getting into legal trouble, stay off kratom if you are in Sarasota.

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Final Note –

Is Kratom Legal in Florida? Yes, It is legal. You can buy it from SimpleBotanical. We have made this post to give you the best answer.

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