What Is Mitragyna Hirsuta? Everything that you need to know about it

mitragyna hirsuta

The Mitragyna Hirsuta is a natural plant that is almost similar to the Kratom herb as both originate from the same family closely related to Coffee as well. The Mitragyna Hirsuta is known for its unique properties and to some people an active alternative to Kratom.

Where Does Mitragyna Hirsuta Come From?

Mostly it is found in Southeast Asia but is more prevalent in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia and is primarily situated in jungles. It is more popular in Thailand as in this place Kratom is illegal that is why the public must rely on Mitragyna Hirsuta as an alternative to Kratom. To distinguish Mitragyna Hirsuta from Kratom one doesn’t have to go far but to look at the leaves as the leaves of Mitragyna Hirsuta are light green, relatively smaller, and have well-defined veins running up and down as well.

Properties of Mitragyna Hirsuta

Being suggested as an alternative to the Kratom powder one would presume that the Mitragyna Hirsuta would either pack similar or more extensive properties but that is not the case. Users that have obtained Mitragyna Hirsuta and Kratom both argue that Mitragyna Hirsuta is in fact less subtle than the Kratom powder. Mitragyna Hirsuta is grown with more light green tint compared to Kratom and has a different vein structure when placed side by side to Kratom.

What Are Some Forms Of Mitragyna Hirsuta?

The most common form of Mitragyna Hirsuta is to crush up its leaves as these are the leaves that are a powerhouse of the plant that generates nutrition for growth. Once crushed, they are to dry out under the sun, and when dried enough crush these further into fine powder. During this process it is important to be sure that there is no moisture or otherwise there would be multiple clumps formed into the powder, resulting in extending the drying period. Mitragyna Hirsuta can also be put into capsules form.

What Is The Difference Between Mitragyna Hirsuta vs Mitragyna Speciosa?

Throughout the article, you might have come across various instances where the Mitragyna Hirsuta and the Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) might be mentioned together as an alternative to each other. Does this mean that there might be a few similarities between the two? Well, yes of course there are and these are as follows;

  • Both are derived from the Mitragyna plant family the same from where coffee originated
  • Both grow in jungles and in the same temperate climates

Now after listing a few similarities, now is the time to opt for a few differences as well that are as follows;

  • The Mitragyna Hirsuta is believed to have less alkaloids than Kratom
  • Some of the countries and regions have banned the Kratom products but for Mitragyna Hirsuta there is hardly any regulation whatsoever
  • The Mitragyna Hirsuta have a higher concentration of alkaloid mitraphylline but the Kratom has a higher concentration of alkaloid mitragynine

What is the Legal Status of Mitragyna Hirsuta?

In the US the Mitragyna Hirsuta is legal in all of the states but the same can’t be said for Kratom as many states have banned its production, selling, and or purchase. As for the rest of the globe presently there are no laws that surround the Mitragyna Hirsuta and its legality or illegality.
Despite the fact that the Mitragyna Hirsuta is pretty much legal it is not acknowledged by the Food and Drug Authority and neither the Drug Enforcement Administration.


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