2022 Update – Is Kratom Legal In Arizona? Can You Buy Kratom in AZ?

is kratom legal in arizona

Many people wonder about the legality of Kratom, an ancient herb harvested for centuries in countries around the world. Kratom is legal in Arizona and that is the short answer but there are always laws to consider and the change that these go through. To better understand the whole thing let’s take a deeper dive into the situation.

The legality of Kratom in the United States

Kratom is a tropical tree found abundantly in Southeast Asia and is known to originate from the coffee tree family. Kratom is gaining some serious popularity in the United States. The DEA proposed a ban to the Government in late 2016 but when it didn’t take any effect the whole thing was nullified and DEA withdrew their proposal for a ban. That is why it is possible to buy Kratom in most states of the country and its sale is legal in most states as well. 

But there are a few states out there that have currently banned Kratom and that means it can’t be purchased, sold, or distributed in those areas. Arizona has already passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and has become the first state to do something about the laws around Kratom and build a regulatory framework around it. Initially, it was the American Kratom Association that proposed this legislation to keep Kratom legal across the country. 

Is Kratom Legal In Arizona?

Yes, you heard it right, at the moment Kratom has a legal status in all of Arizona but you must also know that it is not regulated which means that the laws could also change along the lines. The federal laws don’t regulate the Kratom industry and that is why each State is left with its own opinions or regulations to be built around it luckily. 

In 2014 a bill was proposed to ban Kratom but then it was left unattended in April 2019 did pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act which means that the state is going to regulate it profoundly. This act also states that Kratom is legal to anyone above the age of 18. This also means that it can’t be sold to any minor, so in that way, this act falls properly in line with the tobacco regulations. Also, the 2019 Act for Kratom in Arizona also oversees the production, processing, sale, and distribution of Kratom. Kratom is a properly natural plant product which means that it is free from any synthetic manipulation making it safe for human consumption.

State/County Regulations

Arizona has built an extremely tight regulatory framework around the processing, sale, and purchase of Kratom within the state and all of the details are present in the Kratom Consumer Protection Act according to which the vendors must abide by certain rules for processing and distribution of Kratom or else their license to do so will get revoked by the state. To better understand the whole deal give a thorough read to the following set of rules as per the Act passed by Arizona in Kratom;

  • According to this set of rules, vendors aren’t allowed to sell tampered or adulterated Kratom products nor they can add any non-Kratom element into the final product that might be harmful to the health of the consumer.
  • They can’t sell a product that contains either poisonous, dangerous, or any other tropical substances into the final product. 
  • Must not have synthetic Kratom alkaloids or other dedicated Kratom compounds within the final product or else it would result in getting the license of the concerned vendor revoked effective immediately. 
  • The final product must not have a 7-hydroxy mitragynine content that is above 2% of the total alkaloid content of the product.
  • Vendors must not sell and neither transfer the possession of Kratom to any minor or anyone who is not 18 years of age.
  • The total amount of the mitragynine and the 7-hydroxy mitragynine must be carefully elaborated onto the package as well as the product itself.
  • The name and the mailing address of the person distributing the Kratom product and the manufacturing authority must be made clear on the final packaging.
  • Any and all precautionary statements regarding Kratom must be made available so that people can interact with Kratom in a safe and wholesome manner. 

These are some of the rules and regulations in effect with respect to the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and anyone who is seen or caught violating these chartered rules would have their license revoked including punishment of four months in jail and a fine no greater than $750 if found guilty. 

Currently, it is all legal and permissioned to purchase Kratom in Arizona as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act has held the whole thing pretty neatly but that doesn’t mean that in the future there can’t be any amendments to the law. As long as the Kratom that is being sold within the State is of the highest possible quality, free from any additives and stuff there isn’t going to be any problem at all. 


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