What State Is Kratom Legal In?

what state is kratom legal in

Many people wonder about the legality of Kratom, an ancient herb harvested for centuries in countries around the world. What State Is Kratom Legal In? Kratom is legal in many states and that is the short answer but there are always laws to consider and the change that these go through. To better understand the whole thing let’s take a deeper dive into the situation.

The legality of Kratom in the United States

Kratom is a tropical tree found abundantly in Southeast Asia and is known to originate from the coffee tree family. Kratom is gaining some serious popularity in the United States. The DEA proposed a ban to the Government in late 2016 but when it didn’t take any effect the whole thing was nullified and DEA withdrew their proposal for a ban. That is why it is possible to buy Kratom in most states of the country and its sale is legal in most states as well. 

These regulations have helped improve the quality of kratom coming to market. It has also caused vendors to be more accountable for the products that they are selling. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is one project that the American Kratom Association is working on. This act will help improve the industry by addressing proper labeling, age restrictions, licenses, and fines.

But there are a few states out there that have currently banned Kratom and that means it can’t be purchased, sold, or distributed in those areas.

Kratom Legality In Different States:

  • Arizona: Yes, you heard it right, at the moment Kratom has a legal status in all of Arizona but you must also know that it is not regulated which means that the laws could also change along the lines. The federal laws don’t regulate the Kratom industry and that is why each State is left with its own opinions or regulations to be built around it luckily. Read More In Our Arizona Kratom Legality Blog.
  • Arkansas: You will not be able to go to any local shops and find kratom. Nor will you be able to purchase kratom online and have it shipped to your home in Arkansas. All online vendors will comply with state laws. They will not ship to areas where it has been banned. Read More Here
  • California: The botanical is legal in California, excluding San Diego, due to local regulation. Kratom is illegal in two cities, via San Diego and Oceanside in San Diego County. A population of 176,000 in Oceanside and 1.41 million people in San Diego cannot buy or sell  kratom.The majority population of California, which is approximately 40 million, can buy the botanical product. Read More
  • Colorado:Is kratom Legal in Colorado? Yes, It is legal in Colorado. There are no federal or state laws that term kratom as illegal in Colorado, except in the towns of Monument and Parker. In Denver, you won’t be flouting the laws of the land if you possess or sell kratom with labels that say “Not meant for human consumption”. Also, all kratom products sold in Denver should contain NO advice on its use or dosage. The labels must list the potential health hazards associated with kratom. Read More
  • Florida: Possession of Mitragyna Speciosa product in any form is allowed within Florida, except Sarasota County, which passed the ordinance bill in 2014. The bill made purchasing and selling kratom illegal in the county. The laws in Sarasota are stringent. Possessing kratom could land you in jail for about 2 months or make you pay a fine of $500. There were attempts to change the law in Sarasota County. Right after the ban, there was a petition with over 600 signatures of kratom supporters, but it was not enough to impact the legislators. Read More
  • Georgia: Kratom is legal in Georgia, and you can buy it from any store like Walmart or Kroger for around $10-20. but there are restrictions for people who want to buy it online. Kratom is legal in Georgia and regulated by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Under it, kratom is available for those over 18 years. Read More Here
  • Hawaii: kratom is legal in Hawaii. Some pending laws could change this. In 2018, officials started trying to outline some guidelines to help citizens in Hawaii to use kratom in a more responsible way.  At this point, it seems that officials are more concerned about the risk that could be associated when driving with kratom in your system. There is pending legislation and if passed it could schedule kratom as a Schedule V. Read More Here
  • Indiana: Indiana lawmakers placed a ban on kratom back in 2014. Since this time, there has been a lot that has come to light but the ban has remained. This law states that 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are synthetic substances. As a result, kratom is now part of the Controlled Substance Act in Indiana as a Schedule I Substance. Is Kratom Legal In Indiana? No, At this point, it does not look like Indiana is interested in changing the laws surrounding kratom. Read More Here
  • Nevada: In June 2019, Nevada passed the act to protect kratom enthusiasts.  On June 6, Nevada authorities enacted the KPCA for the regulation on kratom products. Any person who violates this act will be penalized for up to 1000$.  As a Nevada-based kratom business, we are especially happy with regards to the choice to direct kratom. This doesn’t just keep kratom lawful in Nevada and lessen the dangers for purchasers yet it additionally decidedly influences our standing as a seller. 
  • Massachusetts: Is kratom legal in Massachusetts? Yes, you will be able to use kratom in Massachusetts without any issues. You will find this herb in smoke shops, vape shops, and herbal shops. Depending on your location you may also find kratom in gas stations. A lot of people will buy their kratom products online because they can be more discreet about their kratom usage. Read More Here
  • Michigan: Yes, you will be able to purchase kratom in Michigan without any issues. Back in 2014, Michigan officials did try to impose a kratom ban. However, this ban did not pass the committee. More than 1700 signatures were collected from kratom supporters. Read More Here
  • Texas: in Texas, there are no restrictions on the purchase of kratom. If you are a resident of Texas, or just on a visit to this state, you can purchase kratom products without having to look over your shoulder.  Read More
  • Utah: is kratom legal in Utah? Yes, it is legal. If you are 18+, you can buy kratom online. Kratom users didn’t always have it easy in Utah. There were efforts to ban this product in the past. It almost got banned in March 2017, when a bill had it listed as  dangerous. The bill was eventually sent after striking out kratom. Two years later, on March 26, Utah lawmakers passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), making it the first US state to legalize kratom. Read More
  • Wisconsin: Is kratom legal in Wisconsin? Kratom has a wide community in the US. However, it is banned in certain states in the USA, including Wisconsin. The state bans the use of any product that contains kratom. Wisconsin will have to wait to purchase kratom legally till the state reverses its 2014 bill that banned the product. Read More

Which states have made kratom illegal?

Kratom is legal throughout most of the USA, except these states:


Alabama: In 2016, kratom’s primary alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine were classified as Schedule I drugs.

Arkansas: The state declared kratom illegal in February 2016. The following year, lawmakers likened kratom’s alkaloids to that of opium.

Indiana: In 2014, Indiana labelled kratom as a synthetic cannabinoid. The classification was later changed and kratom was listed as a hallucinogenic substance.

Rhode Island: Kratom got banned in 2017. Fearing public outcry, the ban happened behind closed doors. Rhode Island will vote to reverse the ban on September 1, 2021.

Vermont: It banned kratom in 2016. The herb’s alkaloids were named synthetic drugs. In January 2020, legislators tabled a bill to reverse the ban, but kratom’s future in Vermont is shaky and uncertain.

Wisconsin: The herb was declared illegal in 2014 by clubbing kratom with synthetic cannabinoids and hallucinogenic drugs. Lawmakers from Wisconsin had official discussions with the American Kratom Association to understand more about the herb.


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